Eyelash Extensions

Fashion Beauty Girl portrait with flowers Isolated on golden bokEyelash Extensions Santa Fe NM

Eyelash extension santa fe NM

Only the Best Semi-permanent Lash Extension Products are Used - ExtensionArt uses the very Sexy Beauty Girl with Red Lips and Nails. Provocative Make upbest lash extension products available in the marketplace today. This means when you the client come to us right here in Santa Fe for top-of-the-line eyelash extensions, surgical medical-grade adhesive products are what is being used for your beautiful new eyelashes.

Autumn Makeup. Fall Make-up CloseupBeautiful Eyelashes Applied One Lash at a Time – ExtensionArt’s semi-permanent lash extensions are applied lash-by-lash, one at a time, with safe, surgical medical-grade adhesive. The company totally understands and recognizes that everyone is unique with different eye shapes, needs and lifestyles. Knowing this fact, we customize a look for each individual client that is fits just right.

 Eyelash Extensions Menu

  • Synthetic Mink Set $165.00
  • Natural Mink Set $200.00
  • Volume Lashes $250.00
  • Bottom lashes $40.00

Lash Refills Menu

  • Synthetic Mink Fills $65.00
  • Natural Mink Fills $75.00
  • Volume Lash Fills $85.00

Beauty Goal # 1 – The goal with each client here in Sana Fe at ExtensionArt is to make sure when they walk out in the world with their new eyelashes that they are amazed, comfortable and more beautiful than ever.

Fashion Beauty Girl portrait with flowers Isolated on golden bok